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Our team of professionals provide high quality service to meet all client and regulatory specifications.

Our Services

Epoxy Formulations

We use 100% resin in all of our epoxy products to provide the highest quality materials. We ensure our products are reliable, stable and enduring. All epoxies are formulated and manufactured in our Ontario, California location.

Composite Engineering

Example of products we provide across multiple industries:

  • EMI-RF Shielding
  • Syntactic Foam
  • INASA Low Outgassing Compliant Materials
  • Electrically Conductive Polymer
  • Cryogenic Materials
  • Flight Certified Materials

Research and Development

Our team of experienced professionals are focused on:

  • Innovatation
  • Problem Solving
  • Safety Requirements
  • Government Regulations

We are looking forward to working with you and becoming a partner in bringing fresh new products to market.

About Us

We are a direct manufacturer and formulators of high performance polymers for the industry for over 16 years. We have hundreds of large corporations worldwide that use our polymers in thousands of applications.

We offer a wide variety of adhesives, coatings, and specialty resin systems that fulfill our customer’s needs on demand. Our innovative products and solutions have been the cornerstone of many growth technologies in the polymer industry. From simple bonding applications to extreme and complex requirements, our many years of experience can help provide the starting point for your particular applications.

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